Tuesday, September 29, 2009

another reason to become a dr

I get a call from my hematologist's office today - time to schedule my yearly waste of time appointment. Anyhow, here is when he sees patients: Tuesday AND Thursday, 215p - 445p. Impressive isn't it?

T & O

Today's breakrast (not a typo, it's how my kids say it) has been brought to you by the letters T and O. T as in tea, my favorite caffeinated way to start the day, and O as in oreo. The oreos that didn't all get eaten at the campout and apparently, I'm the only one who likes them since we still have at least 1.5 rows left. For the locals reading this, I'd love to pass them out if you are so inclined. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure it's a breakrast of champions, and I should really be on the cover of the Wheaties box.
I have clothes in the dryer right now. Why is this a big deal? Well it isn't even 9am yet and I'm getting ready to start the 2nd load, but that's not it. It's the first time in a few months that I've used the dryer. It's a little disappointing for several reasons. The cold damp fog has returned, ew. That's the biggest disappointment. Though, October is usually hot right around Halloween, so I at least have that to look forward to. The other reason I like hanging my clothes dry is because it gives me time. I don't have to get the clothes off the line the INSTANT they are dry, and they all take different amounts of time to dry. This means, I can pick off the pj pants and the tshirts and fold and put them away. Then an hour later, I can get the sweats and maybe a thin blanket. Then in another couple of hours, the denim. yes, it means laundry gets stretched into a day, but it's much less annoying to do it in between cooking and napping and picking up the kids and such.
I have Charlie here today, which makes for fun. He just told me that he likes to go to Dylan's house because he has a bunch of guns and swords. Hmmm... Anyhow, they are painting figures now, then it's off to play Light buzz year, then maybe off to the Asian market because i need more curry boxes and cheap panko. The kids should love this part. Ok, maybe I'll tie in a trip to Michaels for more cheap crafty stuff. As long as Charlie's mom keeps working, I can keep buying cheap crafty stuff. (Got that, jen??) The kids are wearing two of Steve's old tshirts to paint. They say CAMEL on them, but the kids don't mind. they probably would think it was cool if they noticed, but I'm not bringing it up.
Hope for sun, and happy Tuesday. Oh wait, for you 5 weirdos who subscribe, (which is another blog entry story involving words like Rocknroll and Sikorsky) does that mean my new entries go right to your email?

Monday, September 28, 2009

dark ash brown

Dyed my hair today. Only, I left it on a little long because I got sucked into the season premiere of Grey's Anat that I was watching on tape. yes, on tape. So now the hair is a little darker than I anticipated. Ah well, it will fade over time.
Got a couple of quizzes back from my O-chem class and got 10/10 on one and 13/10 on the other. That made me happy. Might help the whole "I need a 3.8 gpa to get into the sac state nursing program" problem, but probably not.
On the plus side, I am bbq'ing a trip tip for dinner this afternoon. Don't know what the sides will be, but maybe just a big slab o'beef for dinner. Sounds good to me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Updates

We went camping this weekend. well, actually, yesterday. I don't think we were even gone for 24 hours, but trust me, we were able to get the full experience. Where did we camp, you ask? Oh, Oakland. Up above the hills in the forest type area. It was really great - and hot! It was a cub scout event, and we were home by 11am today. Bad part was that i had bought a new air mattress and failed to try it out at home with our pump, before we left. The pump didn't line up 100% so the mattress was about 1/2 full as the pump died. yes, I also failed to fully charge the pump before we left. See, it was only camping in Oakland, so clearly I didn't do a TON of prep work. anyhow, as Steve and I climbed onto the air mattress last night, the foot end lifted up and reminded me of those Craftmatic adjustable bed commercials from the 80's. Our feet were probably a good 3' off the ground. So we slept feet to head which help keep the mattress flat most of the time. I really don't know why the waterbed was so popular - I am actually more tired today than I would have thought possible. Definitely more than my regular weekday tired. but it was fun, the kids got super dirty even just for one day. We got home in time for the Rockridge street fair, which was fun - and yummy too. There was a new local company sampling linguica, so naturally, we are now adding linguica to the dinner plans. Up and coming for the week - hmm.. quiz on the heart on thursday, quiz on something else on Wednesday, my niece's birthday on Monday which I don't have time to send anything to Hawaii for, watching Jen's kids each day, and I think the weather is supposed to turn cool and yucky and overcast again. This recent heat wave has been awesome, I'm sorry to say. Have a lovely week, though I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon.

Friday, September 25, 2009


So nervous. My first ever blog post. thanks for reading. Thanks for your patience in watching me learn how to do it. How I send this out, I'm not really sure but if someone other than me is reading it, I guess I was successful.
I jammed my pinky yesterday, wrestling with Brandon. We weren't really even wrestling. I was trying to grab his foot and make him fall (not as bad as it sounds, honestly) and I timed it poorly and he kicked me with his shoe. My pinky is all swollen and it hurts. And now it's changing colors, into the palm of my hand even. I really would like to crawl back into bed. It's foggy and cold and damp and I'm cranky because my hand hurts. But alas, we have swim in a few mins so I must carry on.