Thursday, December 17, 2009

I didn't used to be drama, did I?

Went to the urologist - for matthew - today. Let me first complain about appointment times. Ours was at 1030, I was told to come early to fill out paperwork. We showed up at 1005 (pulled Matthew out of school), filled out paperwork, then waited in the waiting area until 10:50 when I asked if the dr was even there. (this has happened a few times with ob/gyn) They call us back to his office, then at 1122 the dr comes in. How rude is that? I pulled Matthew out of school for that? anyhow, apparently matthew saying his body isn't telling him when he needs to pee might actually be the truth. Your bladder is a muscle, and him holding it all this time so that he can keep on playing, has increased the muscle mass around the bladder. It might still be sending the signals, but he honest-to-God might not be feeling them. Solution - we need to atrophy his bladder a little bit. He needs to pee every hour for a few weeks, then stretch it out to every two hours and see how that goes. Plus he needs to 'double-pee" when he actually does go, because he probably isn't completely emptying out his bladder when he goes. The nighttime problem wont even get addressed until the daytime problem is resolved. We revisit the dr in about 2 months to see how things are going. Plus, (YAY) we get to go back to our favorite X-ray place for an organ scan (ultrasound?) to make sure his kidneys and bladder are fine. I'm going to try to get a copy for home, so that he can take it for show and tell. With me taking the anatomy class, he seems to be very interested on what's going on inside. how many days til Christmas?