Monday, September 26, 2011

done with September already

woke up this morning cranky. I think I need to start my day with a workout. It usually tends to make my day go better. Kids were fighting something awful over breakfast. We got to school early because I was done having the kids at home. Went to my school and then picked up the kids after school. They were better, which was nice. Then I was checking Facebook this afternoon and saw my old college roommate had changed his status from married to complicated. Started texting a conversation with him and found out his wife cheated on him with a mutual friend. Now I'm just sad. This guy is really a great guy and it's just depressing that this can happen. They've been married since '96. He lives in San Diego so I don't really see him that often - maybe once every couple of years or so. He's a vet, and again - a really great guy, so he is always pleasant and helpful and lets me ask him my cat questions all the time. And now he's out a wife and a friend and his in laws. I am not sure why it's bumming me out so much, but it really is. Sometimes we just forget how lucky we are.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd week of school

and two boys are home sick today. Matthew has been coughing and sneezing sort of. Then he spent the day yesterday with a friend at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and when he came home, was extra stuffy. Eyes all puffy too. Brandon has been a wreck for the past 3 days. My mother in law told me last night it might have something to do with their schedule. Because whenever the boys are there, they are healthy and laid back. Maybe it's just their stress when they are with me. Or maybe Brandon's allergic to milk. UGH. I don't really think he's allergic to milk, or maybe I am just hoping he's not. What a horrible lifestyle change that would be for us. and now I'm thinking of how bad a parent I must be if I'm not even willing to change the family diet for two measly weeks to find out if he's allergic or not. We are going to the pediatrician today and I will push for a full allergy panel. Had Matthew tested a couple of years ago. Fortunately, the only thing he's allergic to is dust mites. Unfortunately, he lives with me and we live with dust. Ah well.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

child up for adoption - to good home

yesterday, I spent several hours cleaning my bedroom. seriously. Something like 3-4 hours. I cleaned out old files, put in new files, put away laundry, threw out stuff, etc etc etc. At one point, Brandon was laying on my bed while I was working. I found an empty ring box and he was playing with it and asking about when Steve and I got married. He actually said, "why did daddy marry you if you weren't pretty?" It was so sweet and so innocent and yet, so RUDE. I politely explained to him that people don't get married only to pretty people. It's what their personality is like that matters. I honestly think he struggled with that the rest of the night. It helped that I was in my house-bound clothes - mens army shirt, unwashed hair, the whole bit. But still - RUDE.