Sunday, September 4, 2011

child up for adoption - to good home

yesterday, I spent several hours cleaning my bedroom. seriously. Something like 3-4 hours. I cleaned out old files, put in new files, put away laundry, threw out stuff, etc etc etc. At one point, Brandon was laying on my bed while I was working. I found an empty ring box and he was playing with it and asking about when Steve and I got married. He actually said, "why did daddy marry you if you weren't pretty?" It was so sweet and so innocent and yet, so RUDE. I politely explained to him that people don't get married only to pretty people. It's what their personality is like that matters. I honestly think he struggled with that the rest of the night. It helped that I was in my house-bound clothes - mens army shirt, unwashed hair, the whole bit. But still - RUDE.

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