Wednesday, January 4, 2012

still finishing up

Kathy and Lisa kayaking thru the bay. in total darkness
I am hanging onto the tree so our kayak doesn't float away while Maro takes the picture

Right before we set off at nighttime on our kayaks to see the bioluminescent bay. My apologies - I still haven't figured out how to spell it.
I have heard negative comments about the food postings. Too bad. This was chicken and shrimp of some sort

Our last breakfast. Was kinda sad to be honest

Maro, hanging onto the mangrove tree. We are on the bay tour, it is pitch black out. So I'm pretty happy with how well this pic turned out.

Kathy, Maro, myself right next to the tsunami sign.
This was pork medallions, stuffed with homemade ground beef, wrapped with bacon.

from my dining room...

Some town... I don't know what happened to my maps, but I loved the view.

hmm... the building codes seem to be a bit lax in PR. This missing board is on a pier

If there's a tsunami, seek higher ground.

Maro, from our room in the resort, chatting with the family
New Year's Eve. Me wearing my 'bling' that Matthew gave me for Christmas.

View from the restaurant patio at our resort. Kinda unbelievable.

Ms Kathy, on the treacherous pier

Monday, January 2, 2012

day 6

ahhhhh the final day
it's after midnight now, and we have to be out of the hotel in less than 7 hours. The internet has been really spotty, so I'm not posting pics now. Am finally able to connect, but I don't have the patience to try and give you all the pics I was saving. And the stories.
We did go see the bioluminescent plankton fish thingies tonight, which was a tour that was 1/2 of kayaking to get there, and therefore a 1/2 hr to get back. Have a feeling that pulling my suitcase thru the airport tomorrow is going to be tough.
Lovely lovely time and I will update and wrap up from somewhere else tomorrow. Layover in DFW, and then waiting 90 mins or so for Kathy to meet up with me at SFO at the end of the trip. Will try to post comments and pics then. Adios all!

plenty to report

I have it all typed up and saved with all of the pics to post, BUT for some reason MY laptop will no longer connect to the hotel internet. I'm using their computer center for now.
You will just have to wait a bit.. I will try after breakfast again.
Things have still been lovely
No more Matt sightings, tho not for lack of trying
More yummy food - meat stuffed with meat wrapped with meat sorta things
New Year's stories - More exciting, and yet naseauting for some, less so for others.
You will just have to stay tuned... oh and it looked like a hurricane this morning. Took some video for the post. But after ten mins it passed. When is it going to rain? typical island answer - within the next 24 hours.