Sunday, November 28, 2010

follow up

I forgot to mention that the plane rides yesterday were pretty uneventful. I planned ahead on the tiny plane - boarded last and sat in the back. Did pretty ok. The long leg of the trip - from Miami to SFO was mellow also. Brandon slept for almost 90 minutes, even though I kept checking him for pee the whole time. Stephen and Matthew were several rows ahead of us, but they did fine as well. Shout out to Jennifer for picking us up and bringing us home. A nice bottle of mango rum is waiting for her... Another shout out for Katja and her family for so graciously taking care of our cat. We couldn't have gone away for a week without knowing Wyatt would be taken care of.

I am waiting for the bug bites to stop itching. I put on some cortisone anti-itch cream last night like it was lotion. I need to find some of that Benadryl spray, but I keep hoping at some point the itching will stop.

We had a really great time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories. Thanks to Christopher for letting me pick on him in the blog - and for even being a good sport about it! My family is really special - even the members who didn't go with us. Love you all!

winding down

I am home now. Have been for almost 23 hours already. I miss the sunshine and warm weather. Our house was incredibly cold when we walked in last night. We were all passed out by 9pm, and naturally, the kids were full of energy today. My wonderful, wonderful husband took them to the zoo this afternoon so I could work on laundry and grocery shopping. It really stinks to be back. But, it is what it is, and now, it is 7pm and I'm making dinner while Stephen is bathing the boys. Well, I'm making dinner and playing on the internet at the same time. How quickly we fall back into our regular roles....

4 cousins, just before we left the house on the last day. I think they will be happy if they never see a camera pointed in their direction again.

Selene snorkeling one day.

The images belowe are from Lisa's camera. Not in any particular order.

The Scott Family, at what we named "Conch Beach"

Lisa and her 3 kids, atop the lighthouse. Note the firm grip on Matthew's arm. I did not go up the stairs to the top, so Steve took the kids up. Then we he got to the top, he wouldn't let Brandon out the little door. Thankfully. Lisa made sure she took good care of Maffew.

Mr & Mrs Scott.

Why yes, this was totally posed, but totally cute just the same.

Just us gals. Looks like I thought Caylynne would help hold me up, and she thought I was fine on my own!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to reality....

well the time has come to say good bye to the island life. It's hard for all of us to do. Especially since we've heard rumors of 35 degrees for us to return to. Yuck.
Spent the last couple of days on the beach. Steve and Alan even went snorkeling by walking out the beach. Saw 4 sting rays among other things.
No time for pictures today, sorry. It's 752 am Saturday now, and we have to be ready and on the porch at 9am to start our travel adventure. Or to end it, I guess.
thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre-turkey day

It had to happen eventually. Thankfully, Christopher took this one for the team.

This was the dog that befriended us at the beach today. I named him Buster. He was cute. Was very well trained, but not overly affectionate.

Matthew found a ball and some stick thingy to use as a bat. Not that the water wasn't fun. I think he is ready for baseball season.

One of my new favorite pictures. Ever.

ice cream fun. Then the crash. And how quickly he crashed.

1/2 the group went snorkeling with the pro's today. They saw baby turtles, dolphins, barracudas, and a few other things. The other 1/2 went to the beach and played. I don't have pics just yet of the snorkelers, but here are a few from the day just the same.

Weds morning

The only headline that matters to us from yesterday, is that Selene believes she was stung by a jelly fish. AND lived to tell about it. Ok, so really, she probably was. We all volunteered to pee on her, as we had been out on the boat for a few hours at this point, but she said no. I suggested that the sting had NO chance if we ALL peed on her, but still, no go.

2nd runner up on the headlines is Caylynne was so loved by the plant life in the ocean that it tried to keep her. It was long and kept brushing up against her and then eventually, tried to grab her. Screaming through her snorkel would have been funny had we known what the reason was for the screaming. Weren't sure if now she was seeing some yellow-eyed fish staring her down. She was a trooper though, and we all made it home alive.

Went out on the boat and did some snorkeling. Went through the lighthouse. Turns out my husband has a fear of heights. Realized it when I looked up from the ground and saw him on the lookout point, holding onto the wall behind him. Oh - saw Johnny Depp's private island. Ok, probably not. BUT he does own an island down here and we did try to beach on an island full of signs reading "PRIVATE ISLAND", with a couple of big security looking guys.

tuesday's pictures

end of the day shenanigans

Matthew attempting snorkeling. did ok, but the water is a little chilly for his no-fat body. He needs more practice work in the pool. Maybe today.

I almost had a stroke when 1st, I saw the price, and 2nd, realized it was in our checkout pile.

There are tiny little people we know and love at the top.

from my vantage point...

The view from our front door.

Monday, November 22, 2010

one pic

I did take one picture once I got the card back in... Here you go!


today today today was pretty great again as well. A few of us went into town to find another market for some staples, groceries, and ice cream of course. The nice thing about this market was that nothing was priced, and yet somehow, Vernon was still able to overcharge us for our tp and ground animal. I'd say ground beef, but honestly, there were no tags on the meat, not even the tags telling you what the meat is. No idea how much we paid for it, either. But we made burgers tonight, possibly perro, possibly gato. No questions asked.

Then we went out on the boat. We traveled through many different islands and stopped in the waters in a few places for snorkeling. Got a few shells, no pirate gold though. Then, at the last stop, well, let's just say Lisa found out something important about Christopher. He was in the water snorkeling, along with Stephen, when Selene joined him. Chris was trying to get Selene to go along with him to check out this starfish and other unknown cool fish. Then everything changed. Chris turned, let out a scream of sorts, and started paddling towards the boat. Hardcore. He was paddling so fast, he went right past Selene. Didn't really say what it was he saw, it was just obvious to everyone that he saw something BAD. And yes, Selene was still in the water. She made it to the front of the boat by the time Chris was in the boat, and Lisa tried pulling her in that way, but that wasn't going to work. We got her to the back of the boat safely, so she could climb the ladder in. Apparently, Chris made eye contact with some G I A N T fish's yellow eye, and then he lost the stare down. Lemme just say this - chris is typically a whitey, but this afternoon, he was almost translucent. Once everyone was back in the boat and safe from this G I A N T fish, Lisa let Chris know what a bad dad he was. Then we noticed IT. The stain on Chris' trunks. Somehow, unbeknownst to all of us, Chris turned into an ink spraying squid. There was a long black stain down the front of his shorts. No idea how it got there. Let's just leave it at he was scared and that's all. Chris claimed the fish was a wahoo. After looking thru some mug shot books of the local criminal fish, Chris identified his perp as a barracuda. He didn't really see the rest of the fish -just the yellow eye. And now, we have a new nickname for chris. Wahoo!

No pictures today. I left my memory card in the computer last night after downloading, so I blew it for today. I have pictures on my camera, but they are not on the card, so I have to have the cable to hook up to the computer to get them. Good luck finding that!

today might be Monday

We are officially on the bahamas clock now. No knowledge of time or day. Pretty awesome way to be, I must say. Yesterday was awesome. Started in the morning by checking out the downtown area. Hope Town. Unfortunately, most of it was closed because it was Sunday. Got to see a bunch of funny street signs, some really cool colored houses, and found one place open for lunch. Went to the local fresh fish shop (which I didn't take a picture of, but really should have) that ended up being a standup freezer, with a bunch of packaged fish. Not sure how the word 'fresh' made it to the sign, but we didn't feel like asking. Apparently, it was really good and definitely worth it. I say apparently because I didn't find it all that. But then, I don't eat lobster. We also found one beach that was full of conch shells. Learned the correct pronunciation is conK shells, not the other way.

Got back home, changed for the beach, and headed out to Tahiti Beach. Beautiful. I don't understand the whole sandbank thing where we could walk out several football fields in length and the water was no more than knee high, but why question it! The water wasn't San Fran cold, but not Maui hot either. It was great to walk around in. Saw actual starfish and sand dollars alive and well, and not in an aquarium. That was a new experience for sure!

Steve has gone for a run two mornings in a row. We all hate him. Today, we are getting a boat and checking out other islands. And going to the grocery store with the best baker in the islands! Lisa wants a pie. Maybe 2.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rock lobster... aka crawfish... aka dinner for tonight. For NOT me.

cousins at Tahiti beach

This was a super cool part of Tahiti beach - it was walkable for quite a distance!

no comment....
Clearly, not in Mexico. This was an $8 quesadilla at lunch today.

note the candy cane lighthouse... I took this picture because I rock!

note the closing time.....

no comment.

there is something in the water here that makes the lizards tails curl....

they are not afraid of color here

this is the view from the top of our house
Lisa getting attacked by the crazy ostrich plant

sorry about that!

you would think I'd understand how this blog thing works. I posted in the wrong order. You might want to read the original Bahamas post first.

more pictures

a sign on the island at the cemetary, oddly located right across from the liquor store.

apparently a good place to eat, though we will be avoiding Tuesdays at 4p.

Our current mode of transportation. Not bad unless you are on the back seat with an actual car coming down the hill at you.

Ferry ride to Elbow Cay

Our luggage tractor on Marsh Harbour


Matthew sleeping on the tiny plane.

At the Miami airport. Lisa cleaning Caylynne's contact, with Selene sleeping on her lap.

Selene, several hours earlier, at the San Fran airport.

Again, beginning of trip, SFO


we are here, right now it is 941am. We crashed by 815. And by we, I mean all ten of us. It was a rough trip in terms of flying overnight. I don't know how or why people choose to do red-eye flights. Got to the airport Friday night in time, then our plane was late. Mom & Alan's plane was delayed coming in, due to inclement weather. They made it in time, tho a little panicked. Then our plane was a little late leaving, which made Brandon even more tired. Finally got on board about 930 pm, and he was asleep by ten p. Of course, at 1a, he had his first experience peeing on a plane. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the bathroom. Overworked mommy didn't put him in a diaper so he was soaked, the left of my leg was wet, and his seat, well, let's just say ew. I fell asleep before this happened, thankfully, because once it happened, I was too embarassed to fall back asleep. No, I didn't pack a change of clothes in any of the carry ons. Was going to. But I didn't. He stunk, but survived. Tried to buy him an overpriced change of clothes in Miami, but he said no. Was fine with me - $25 for a CSI Miami tshirt was lame.

Sat in a freezing Miami airport for several hours. Selene was able to sleep in the airport. I dozed off in time for my phone to ring. Didn't feel it, even though it was in my pocket, but Selene, who was sleeping on me, did. Called Kuzzin Kim back and she couldn't get into the airport. I still feel badly that I didn't go through the security to see her. Oh - speaking of security - code orange nothing. My clean looking family went through the old school regular metal detectors. Lisa's family all had to do the naked scan, and then she, Selene, and Chris got personally groped. At least now, Chris doesn't have to pay for the colonoscopy later this year! (though we are all a little concerned about the polyp. When you are a man going through the SF airport, you don't necessarily want to request a man scanner.....)

Took the bus from the terminal to the plane. Honestly, I should have taken a picture of this plane because it reminded me of the submarine pictures. I walked up the stairs to board, Caylynne and Brandon in front of me, climbed into the plane, and stopped breathing. Honestly. I have not had a claustrophobic attack ever before, but I now know exactly how they feel. I bolted back out, climbing over the people behing me to do it. Once everyone was seated, and I was breathing normal again, I got back in and made it to Marsh Harbour. Then we met Big Sam who got all of our luggage from the luggage tractor, put us into vans and took us to the ferry station. Ferried over to Elbow Cay where we were met by golf carts and a pick up truck to bring us to the house. And here we are, all by 2pm Saturday afternoon.

I think it is Sunday now. Getting ready to eat bacon n eggs and get our day started. Enjoy the pics and we'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i >hate< computers

I know they run lives and such. But they tick me off. This morning I downloaded a couple of supposedly reliable programs for school - one was Java, one was RealPlayer. Without them, I was not able to access my class notes. So now, when sending emails, Explorer crashes. Thanks Mr. Laptop. It was nice having you for a year before I killed you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school

For me, that is. Kids are with Steve's parents for this week, because they don't start their school for two more weeks. I started my last pre-req class today - Life span. It's a psychology class. Seems good. I get to raise a virtual child. I find this funny. Will let you know if I ruin it or not. What if it's twins????

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thursday

Matthew is having a friend sleepover tonight. I fear I wont sleep much, but that is for a totally different reason than the previous sleep over.
Took Matthew to his first official ortho appt today. Full, panoramic x-rays, and then those gag-worthy molds. If you've suffered thru braces, you know what I mean when I say gag-worthy. It didn't really seem like that part had changed much in the 25 years since i had mine done. It's weird really, how somethings change over time by leaps and bounds, and some hardly at all. Anyhow, I realized today that the initial car payment we are paying is really only a DOWN payment. It only covers Phase I. Braces are included in Phase II. This is the new ortho lingo. Both ortho's we consulted used the Phase terminology. Oh and did I mention that our ortho coverage is $1500, lifetime. So phase II will be all us. Maybe I should reconsider the trip to Vegas - momma needs a new pair of shoes AND a full set of braces for the boy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday morning blues

Blues because I'm tired. Brandon had a friend sleepover last night. It was the friend's first sleepover anywhere. I over estimated that it would be fine because they went to preschool together, and the friend has been over many times. About 10:30 he started slowly, quietly crying. I went in and talked him through it, over about 20 minutes. Then he slept thru til 430am, when he started again. Told him a long story and that seemed to work. For him. I didn't get back to sleep until 6a. Pancakes and sausages by 830a. Yum! So it will be a slow moving day for me today. Fortunately, we have nothing major on the schedule today - just odds and ends. But if the sun comes out, I might let the boys have a lemonade stand.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

crazy day

today is a fine example of what summer should NOT be - back to back scheduled events.
Matthew starts the day with a dental appt at 845a, then he has swim practice at 10a, then off to a birthday party at a water park, 45 mins away. Don't really know what is for dinner tonight, maybe playing all day at a water park will make the kids tired and NOT hungry. That could happen, right?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

summertime realization

I have been fortunate this summer to spend some time with relatives from other states. One of them even told me he had read the blog. Honestly, that was probably one of the biggest shocks this summer. Anyhow, as I reflect on my extended family and how great they are, I realize they are really great! (I know, I just said that). But I was thinking about them, different cousins, aunts, uncles, and I woke up to the fact that even if they weren't my family, I'd still want to hang out with them. Play games with them. Watch tv late into the night with them. It's awesome that I can randomly text my cousin in Tennessee about something. And then again, it's awesome that I can watch tv at midnight with my Ohio cousin while waiting for the benadryl to kick in for Matthew. I really am fortunate. I never really grew up seeing my cousins often. yes, my cousin in Tennessee used to live nearby, but she was a whole lifetime ahead of me. Ok, not really, but when she got married, I was 10'ish. My other cousins lived in Ohio and we didn't see them that often, and they were older as well. Now that I am old like the rest of my family (ha ha, right??), I can appreciate hanging out, touring around, Facebooking with them all. Steve's cousins are in Germany. He doesn't email them. I don't even know if they facebook. Is there a german facebook version? I really want our boys to be aware of family ties and how important family is to us. Even close friends can be family. It's what you make important that becomes important.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday nite

I am still awake. It's almost 11pm. This is like the time vampires wander aimlessly in the world. Or the gangsta's come out in the 'hood. It was national night out tonight, and Oakland is probably the only city who participates. I'd be interested in hearing if you have heard of it. It's supposed to be a 'safe" time to go out at night, meet with the neighbors, and enjoy your 'hood. Again, it's probably just a local thing but they call it 'national night out' to make us feel like it's not just us who lives in the ghetto.
I should really post some summertime photos. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never. We went mini golfing on Sunday - not that far from home. Was fun! Monday was a regular day. Yesterday took the kids to a water park. Fun too. Without having Selene here and the need for going to swim everyday, it has almost been relaxing. Almost. Matthew started swim today at 10am, and then we went to Concord to visit with some great friends who we never see anymore. Tomorrow is free day at a kid museum 45 mins from here. Not totally excited about doing it - only because I was dumb enough to schedule things before and after the outing. This means I need to carry some caffeine with me. But I really like the place AND I really like the people we are meeting up with there. If they weren't going, I would have blown it off long ago.
By the way, well, I'm not going to get into it now. it's too far down in the paragraph. I doubt my cousin Mike reads the whole post and the new post was going to be about him. So I will try to remember to do it tomorrow night. Or maybe not.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

new home page

I have decided to make the blog my home page. This way, when I starts the ole internets, the computer will remind me to write here. I know my fans have been bored without me.
We have made lemonade this weekend. Not real lemonade, mind you. But when life gives you lemons sort of lemonade. I was supposed to be at a mom's retreat in Vegas this weekend. Things got to crazy and reservations were postponed until September. We had originally picked this weekend for Vegas because there was nothing shcheduled for it. Then when Vegas moved, I kept the weekend open. It's a little strange, I must say. We did Selene's swim meet yesterday, home by 1pm, then a bunch of nothing. I took a nap, kids watched too much tv, went for a walk, washed the car, mowed the lawn, that type of stuff. Today we might go mini-golfing then have a relaxing afternoon. I might apply for a part-time job at the Y. Oops, breakfast is ready, gotta go.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday update

I gave in and went to see my dr yesterday. Sick of feeling crummy. She listened to me complain and then basically wanted me to wait it out another week. That didn't fly well. She talked about the fact that normally they would give me an anti-inflammatory drug, but because of my blood thinner, I can't take it. So the next thought was Vicodin. Oh wait, except that I have two kids who don't really want to hang out with their drugged out mommy. I asked the dr what next... she said steroids, but they have bad side effects. Like what? Increased appetite. (so...?) Hyper activity, too energetic. Are you for real, lady? Sign me up! I convinced her to give me the shot yesterday and then give me the pill prescription for the next few days. Woke up this morning and was definitely less sore. Though I had a headache that was bad, but I think that was because of my over salty bbq dinner last night. Took some excedrin, had a banana, and am getting about my day. I am hopeful about my day once again. My headache is gone, and I'm starving, and watching bobby Flay do a blueberry pancake throwdown. Yum!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

stitches out, still not better

It's Thursday. i'm going to see a dr at 1045 today. My legs and feet are still swollen, my hands go to sleep while I'm sleeping, which the tingling wakes me up. oh and the rash is back on my legs. Something is really not right. I'm supposed to be on summer vacation and haven't enjoyed it one bit yet. Today is Matthew's last day of school. Then tonight is the Cub Scout graduation. I'm living from two Tyelenol to the next. it's like chain smoking for pain killers. I tried to be happy and optimistic yesterday. Dressed up a bit to make myself feel better. I have stopped wearing the bandaid on my face, during the day, because it feels heavy and bulky - which doesn't make sense to anyone but me I am sure. Every day I wake up feeling hopeful that today will be the day the aches and pains are going away. Then in the shower I noticed the rash back. Not functioning well.

Monday, June 14, 2010

skin cancer free and loose pants

(That's me, trying to be optimistic. but that is where it ends) I had a skin cancer spot on my face removed last week. It has done nothing but stink for the entire past week. Oh, I'm going to complain and whine in this post, so you may want to skip it. I realized as I was hitting the highlights (lowlights?) for a friend of mine this morning, that I was on the verge of tears, so I decided I needed to get it all out. here goes...
Had a growth on the face that got biopsied and found out it was skin cancer and needed to be removed. Honestly, I grossly underestimated what that meant. I've had moles removed before, so figured no big deal. Well, the first 4 stitches start in my upper lip, then continue up to just below my nose. Still, I knew I would have stitches so I thought I was prepared. Stupidly, I said no thank you to the pain meds. Of course, I was still numb when I said that, but luckily found something they gave me after I birthed Brandon, so all was survivable. I couldn't eat. The stitches above my lip were heavily protected but I wasn't supposed to get them wet. Including my lip stitches. Obviously that was impossible, but didn't matter anyways, as even trying to use the right 1/2 of my face was awkward and painful. Had the surgery on Monday. Took off the 1/2" thick bandage on Weds and switched to a regular bandaid. I had bought clear bandaids because I decided that would be less obvious than an Iron Man bandaid in the middle of my face. Let me give you this advice - clear bandaids stick really, really well. Haven't used them since the first time. I found a stack of brown bandaids that I've been using since. Then by Thursday, both of my wrists hurt so bad, I was trying to figure out what i had done to them. The pain was shooting up to one elbow. I wrapped one with an ace bandage, and by the end of the day, my ankles were in pain also. As I limped to bed, I noticed a rash on my legs. Great. I'm having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Call the dr Friday morning, as I can barely walk now. They take me off the antibiotic, figuring it's been enough days and the wound looks healthy, so all is good, right? Wrong. I take some benadryl Friday morning to try to get over this reaction, which does what - oh yes, makes me sleepy. Took an hour nap while B watched a movie. I'm figuring that after a day, this will all have passed. I wake up Saturday morning and hobble to the bathroom. I now realize I have lost my ankles and have sausages for toes. Take two benadryls and lay on the couch, feet elevated, all day. All day, for reals. Still can't really eat, now I can't walk either. Did I mention it was beautiful weather? Sunday I put the stop on the benadryl. Would rather be a cripple than a sleepy cripple. Hobble slowly to the baseball game. Realize my fingers are so puffy I can't get my ring off. Wake up today able to walk. Still feel really weak, not eating and living will do that to you. Have a call in to the dr's office now for something to make me feel better. Stitches come out tomorrow. This has really been a much bigger adventure than I anticipated. Darnit.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just found out that one of the books I donated to the school yard sale is selling on ebay for $200. Lame.

Monday, April 12, 2010

brain dump

I thought unlimited texting actually meant unlimited texting. Nope. Means unlimited texting WITHIN the Verizon network. So now I have to ask people before I text them if they are Verizon. That's what I get for not reading the small print. currently states no rain for thurs-fri-sat. Why is this a GREAT thing? Well because the elementary school's yard sale is this Saturday and I am organizing it. Would be terrific if it were sunny. I will even deal with it if it's cold. Just dry is all I ask.
Exam on this Thursday AND next thursday. I'm completely overwhelmed with things to do this week and next and then the one after that too. I am trying to repeat my mantra - it will all work out - a million times each day now. Less is more.

Monday, March 22, 2010

spring is here!

Let's see... I made Matthew try on all his shorts today. Only two were too small - of course, they were a size 6. So he should be set for summer gear. Two pair of swim trunks, and fortunately, Oakland in the summer is cold, and Maui is going to have to wait several more years, so two pair should work out just fine.
Got a phone call from the pediatrician today. We had matthew allergy tested last week - mostly because of all the sneezing - not because of hives or anything. Her message was hard to understand, but I'm pretty sure she said something about him being allergic to eggs and peanuts. Hmm. I might have to call back on this one. Those are two of his favorite foods. I might be starting to doubt this crazy thing called medical "science".
I picked up a used 4 drawer file cabinet today. Let me just say, I felt like a total wimp. The lady I bought it from was at least in her early 50's, and she was WAY stronger than me. She was up 3 flights of stairs and was gracious enough to stop for me at each landing so I could rest my girl arms. I got in the car totally embarassed.
this week is minimum day week at the elementary school. Who hates parents so much to do something like that? 125 every day. That's not enough time for learning. This state is messed up.
Brandon has recently shot up like a weed. Or rather, his hair is filling back in, and he looks much taller. He's been cracking me up a lot lately. The things he says, I think he's going to entertain his kindergarten teacher this fall.
I have recently decided that we are going to start going organic for chicken. Which then also means eggs, which is unfortunate because we eat a lot of eggs. I might go non organic for Easter. anyhow, I don't normally buy organic meats - haven't caught up with the hype and the price. But then a couple of weeks ago, my microbiology teacher told us WHY you should go organic. The animals (not just chickens, of course) are fed antibiotics so they do not get sick, thus more profit for them. Downfall is that we ingest these antibiotics and if we ingest enough, we can build up a resistance to these antibiotics. The main antibiotic that chickens are given is an antibiotic that humans are given to cure some specific disease. No, I can't remember which one, so don't ask. Now if we are immune to these antibiotics, it means the disease gets to have a party in my body. No thank you. I will start with chicken and eggs, and see how badly it affects my budget. then we'll go from there.
Happy spring everyone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this is a test...

To see if anyone is reading. I can't believe I haven't rambled on and on for the past six weeks, but we've been busy here. My school, buying the house, trip to Disneyland, basketball, etc etc etc. Anyhow, I found out yesterday I got accepted at Sacramento State College. Not the nursing school, just the university. Here is what I don't get - they notified applicants March 1, online, to let us know whether or not we got in. So great. yay! Except that the nursing school application deadline was March 1. You couldn't apply before you got in. I missed the non existant bulletin where I had to have everything ready in ONE day. I went to the campus last fall to try to find out info about the nursing program. They wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't a student. (Should have turned on a lightbulb there, but no). Literally. The rude woman behind the desk just kept repeating that I needed to apply for the main school first. She wouldn't even give me deadlines or dates or anything. Very rude. So now the trouble is this, among other things, that say I go to Sac State to finish my last few classes for my bachelor's degree, then apply to their nursing school. I might not get into their nursing school. So then what? We would have moved to Elk Grove, Steve would have compromised his income significantly, if not completely, then I have no outlook for the future. UGH. I thought I would be more excited about getting accepted. Nope.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

helping the recession

In being the good Americans that we are, we decided to take one for the team and make a purchase yesterday. We bought a house. In Elk Grove, CA. Don't know when we'll move in, but that's ok. As long as it can be the light at the end of my tunnel, it relieves me. Built 103 years after my current house (1900, 2003 in case you need some help with that), which can be good and bad. No antique character, but no lead paint charm either. Pool? check. 3 car garage? check. Bigger than 1200 sq feet? Check. (2900, to be almost exact). So moving.. when? Well, I have come to the realization that it's not going to happen this summer like I wanted. I can't seem to find a nursing school anywhere, that I can apply to until I completely finish ALL of my science classes. I have one left and am taking it this semester. However, courses 'in progress' do not count, so I can't apply until at least May 31. Therefore, aiming for admission in Fall of 2011. What about my big beautiful vacant house? Well, dad and Grandma will move there as soon as they can, we have just started the escrow count down, and keep it lived in until we can get up there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's all soooo exhausting

left at 830 this morning, got back at 445pm. Didn't eat breakfast or have any morning caffeine. Dumb, I know. DIdn't realize it until maybe 1pm when I was having problems walking up the stairs. What did we do today? House hunt. I can't remember if we went through 11 or 12 or 13. One wouldn't let us in (offer pending) one got added at the last minute, one had a patio for a backyard so we didn't go in, and so on. Got to our first house at 1015am, finished up just a little over 3 hours later. By the time we got to lunch and had it in front of me with the cherry coke, I was a wreck. Head felt like it had a giant hammer stuck in it, and I thought I was going to vomit in the restaurant bathroom. My lovely husband went to the grocery store next door and bought me some tylenol, then while he finished his food, I went to the car to lay down. Two errands later, we were at the hospital, but it was OK because we just went to check out where Lisa works. I was feeling better after the tour and even better at 5pm when I got to lay down for a nap, and bestest of all at 530 when the kids woke me from my nap.
We saw several great houses today, and got turned down from our last offer - by another ALL cash offer. I thought it was a recession, but apparently not for some. We are feeling optimistic though, because really, we saw several great houses today. Means we will offer on two, maybe three, tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed... This is really getting old and tiring already!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

end of December

I realized yesterday why I'm so tired. Here's a way too detailed list of our last 1/2 of december:
12/17 - My last final, I finished at 930pm
12/18 - Friday - dinner in Novato, with Santa
12/19 - I worked, then had friends over for dinner
12/20 - to Elk grove to look at 12 houses
12/21 - to Soledad (2 hrs south) to drop off kids with mom, then shopping in Gilroy on the way back
12/22 - to Concord to babysit 1/2 day or less, then late night shopping
12/23 - packing and wrapping and cleaning and baking
12/24 - hit the road to Santa Maria, plus stopping in Gilroy along the way for last min gifts
12/25 - not enough napping involved
12/26 - day after Cmas shopping and napping
12/27 - left SM to sit in car for 3 hours to arrive in Monterey
12/28 - monterey aquarium, dennis the menace park
12/29 - leave monterey, stop at aquarium, then moss landing for beach play, then gilroy for return of said gifts, then home
12/30 - Pump it up in the am for the kids, dentist in the PM for brandon
12/31 - house cleaning, dinner at a friend's
1/1 - early morning trip to Elk grove to look at 4 houses, eat lunch with sis/fam, then back home
1/2 - early morning trip for christmas in Modesto. Home at 830pm
1/3 - kids let us sleep in til 9am! then I worked this afternoon, and now, am waiting for the dinner fairies to make me dinner.
Here's to no road trips for a few days.