Sunday, November 28, 2010

winding down

I am home now. Have been for almost 23 hours already. I miss the sunshine and warm weather. Our house was incredibly cold when we walked in last night. We were all passed out by 9pm, and naturally, the kids were full of energy today. My wonderful, wonderful husband took them to the zoo this afternoon so I could work on laundry and grocery shopping. It really stinks to be back. But, it is what it is, and now, it is 7pm and I'm making dinner while Stephen is bathing the boys. Well, I'm making dinner and playing on the internet at the same time. How quickly we fall back into our regular roles....

4 cousins, just before we left the house on the last day. I think they will be happy if they never see a camera pointed in their direction again.

Selene snorkeling one day.

The images belowe are from Lisa's camera. Not in any particular order.

The Scott Family, at what we named "Conch Beach"

Lisa and her 3 kids, atop the lighthouse. Note the firm grip on Matthew's arm. I did not go up the stairs to the top, so Steve took the kids up. Then we he got to the top, he wouldn't let Brandon out the little door. Thankfully. Lisa made sure she took good care of Maffew.

Mr & Mrs Scott.

Why yes, this was totally posed, but totally cute just the same.

Just us gals. Looks like I thought Caylynne would help hold me up, and she thought I was fine on my own!

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