Monday, November 22, 2010


today today today was pretty great again as well. A few of us went into town to find another market for some staples, groceries, and ice cream of course. The nice thing about this market was that nothing was priced, and yet somehow, Vernon was still able to overcharge us for our tp and ground animal. I'd say ground beef, but honestly, there were no tags on the meat, not even the tags telling you what the meat is. No idea how much we paid for it, either. But we made burgers tonight, possibly perro, possibly gato. No questions asked.

Then we went out on the boat. We traveled through many different islands and stopped in the waters in a few places for snorkeling. Got a few shells, no pirate gold though. Then, at the last stop, well, let's just say Lisa found out something important about Christopher. He was in the water snorkeling, along with Stephen, when Selene joined him. Chris was trying to get Selene to go along with him to check out this starfish and other unknown cool fish. Then everything changed. Chris turned, let out a scream of sorts, and started paddling towards the boat. Hardcore. He was paddling so fast, he went right past Selene. Didn't really say what it was he saw, it was just obvious to everyone that he saw something BAD. And yes, Selene was still in the water. She made it to the front of the boat by the time Chris was in the boat, and Lisa tried pulling her in that way, but that wasn't going to work. We got her to the back of the boat safely, so she could climb the ladder in. Apparently, Chris made eye contact with some G I A N T fish's yellow eye, and then he lost the stare down. Lemme just say this - chris is typically a whitey, but this afternoon, he was almost translucent. Once everyone was back in the boat and safe from this G I A N T fish, Lisa let Chris know what a bad dad he was. Then we noticed IT. The stain on Chris' trunks. Somehow, unbeknownst to all of us, Chris turned into an ink spraying squid. There was a long black stain down the front of his shorts. No idea how it got there. Let's just leave it at he was scared and that's all. Chris claimed the fish was a wahoo. After looking thru some mug shot books of the local criminal fish, Chris identified his perp as a barracuda. He didn't really see the rest of the fish -just the yellow eye. And now, we have a new nickname for chris. Wahoo!

No pictures today. I left my memory card in the computer last night after downloading, so I blew it for today. I have pictures on my camera, but they are not on the card, so I have to have the cable to hook up to the computer to get them. Good luck finding that!

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