Sunday, November 21, 2010


we are here, right now it is 941am. We crashed by 815. And by we, I mean all ten of us. It was a rough trip in terms of flying overnight. I don't know how or why people choose to do red-eye flights. Got to the airport Friday night in time, then our plane was late. Mom & Alan's plane was delayed coming in, due to inclement weather. They made it in time, tho a little panicked. Then our plane was a little late leaving, which made Brandon even more tired. Finally got on board about 930 pm, and he was asleep by ten p. Of course, at 1a, he had his first experience peeing on a plane. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the bathroom. Overworked mommy didn't put him in a diaper so he was soaked, the left of my leg was wet, and his seat, well, let's just say ew. I fell asleep before this happened, thankfully, because once it happened, I was too embarassed to fall back asleep. No, I didn't pack a change of clothes in any of the carry ons. Was going to. But I didn't. He stunk, but survived. Tried to buy him an overpriced change of clothes in Miami, but he said no. Was fine with me - $25 for a CSI Miami tshirt was lame.

Sat in a freezing Miami airport for several hours. Selene was able to sleep in the airport. I dozed off in time for my phone to ring. Didn't feel it, even though it was in my pocket, but Selene, who was sleeping on me, did. Called Kuzzin Kim back and she couldn't get into the airport. I still feel badly that I didn't go through the security to see her. Oh - speaking of security - code orange nothing. My clean looking family went through the old school regular metal detectors. Lisa's family all had to do the naked scan, and then she, Selene, and Chris got personally groped. At least now, Chris doesn't have to pay for the colonoscopy later this year! (though we are all a little concerned about the polyp. When you are a man going through the SF airport, you don't necessarily want to request a man scanner.....)

Took the bus from the terminal to the plane. Honestly, I should have taken a picture of this plane because it reminded me of the submarine pictures. I walked up the stairs to board, Caylynne and Brandon in front of me, climbed into the plane, and stopped breathing. Honestly. I have not had a claustrophobic attack ever before, but I now know exactly how they feel. I bolted back out, climbing over the people behing me to do it. Once everyone was seated, and I was breathing normal again, I got back in and made it to Marsh Harbour. Then we met Big Sam who got all of our luggage from the luggage tractor, put us into vans and took us to the ferry station. Ferried over to Elbow Cay where we were met by golf carts and a pick up truck to bring us to the house. And here we are, all by 2pm Saturday afternoon.

I think it is Sunday now. Getting ready to eat bacon n eggs and get our day started. Enjoy the pics and we'll see you tomorrow!

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