Monday, November 22, 2010

today might be Monday

We are officially on the bahamas clock now. No knowledge of time or day. Pretty awesome way to be, I must say. Yesterday was awesome. Started in the morning by checking out the downtown area. Hope Town. Unfortunately, most of it was closed because it was Sunday. Got to see a bunch of funny street signs, some really cool colored houses, and found one place open for lunch. Went to the local fresh fish shop (which I didn't take a picture of, but really should have) that ended up being a standup freezer, with a bunch of packaged fish. Not sure how the word 'fresh' made it to the sign, but we didn't feel like asking. Apparently, it was really good and definitely worth it. I say apparently because I didn't find it all that. But then, I don't eat lobster. We also found one beach that was full of conch shells. Learned the correct pronunciation is conK shells, not the other way.

Got back home, changed for the beach, and headed out to Tahiti Beach. Beautiful. I don't understand the whole sandbank thing where we could walk out several football fields in length and the water was no more than knee high, but why question it! The water wasn't San Fran cold, but not Maui hot either. It was great to walk around in. Saw actual starfish and sand dollars alive and well, and not in an aquarium. That was a new experience for sure!

Steve has gone for a run two mornings in a row. We all hate him. Today, we are getting a boat and checking out other islands. And going to the grocery store with the best baker in the islands! Lisa wants a pie. Maybe 2.


  1. keep on bloggin' sistah! love following what you're up to...sounds like you're having a great time...Matt looked at the picture of Chris and Steve and said "who's that???" I said it was Steve and he said, "oh really? he's tan..."

  2. Steve tans easily for one thing. For another, and probably more importantly, Chris borders albino.