Sunday, November 28, 2010

follow up

I forgot to mention that the plane rides yesterday were pretty uneventful. I planned ahead on the tiny plane - boarded last and sat in the back. Did pretty ok. The long leg of the trip - from Miami to SFO was mellow also. Brandon slept for almost 90 minutes, even though I kept checking him for pee the whole time. Stephen and Matthew were several rows ahead of us, but they did fine as well. Shout out to Jennifer for picking us up and bringing us home. A nice bottle of mango rum is waiting for her... Another shout out for Katja and her family for so graciously taking care of our cat. We couldn't have gone away for a week without knowing Wyatt would be taken care of.

I am waiting for the bug bites to stop itching. I put on some cortisone anti-itch cream last night like it was lotion. I need to find some of that Benadryl spray, but I keep hoping at some point the itching will stop.

We had a really great time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories. Thanks to Christopher for letting me pick on him in the blog - and for even being a good sport about it! My family is really special - even the members who didn't go with us. Love you all!

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