Monday, August 15, 2011

months have passed

I need a back up plan for the back up plan. So tired of trying to make everything work. Sometimes I think I would feel better to see a fortune teller. I wouldn't need to know the 'how' portion, just that everything turns out ok. I just need that mental relief some days.
I am currently #7 on the wait list for microbiology. The teacher told us today that if she hasn't let us in by the end of class, that we can't come to class anymore. She will keep us posted if anyone drops, but if we have to add late, then we just miss out on lectures and labs. Sucks, but I really need this class. Passing this class with a B will open up 4 more RN schools for me to apply to. I can't believe how little real effort I have put into getting into RN school. The fact that I didn't even know I needed a B in micro to apply to 3 schools is ridiculous. And yet, the back up plans are still non existant because THEY take more effort. But then, I can't win the lottery if I never buy a ticket.

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