Tuesday, August 16, 2011

end of the day dejection... *again*

I think I am a morning person. I mean honestly, I could stay in bed ALL day if given the chance. But that doesn't mean I don't like mornings. Mornings are full of hope and promise. Night time is the END of the day. The time when everything finishes whether or not it is resolved. I did not get the magical email from my professor today, inviting me in to her microbiology class. Crushed? yea, a little bit. I spent several hours today researching the "Chancellor's Advisory on Use of Model Prerequisite for Enrollment in Associate Degree Nursing Programs." Seriously. I think if I figure out how they compute the thing, it's an automatic associate's degree! The formula is listed, I worked out their sample problem, and still, nothing matched. Then I had to ask Steve for help. Steve - with his superior math skills. But then he couldn't make it work either, so I felt better. He tried it more different ways than I did - including setting up some excel program. blah blah blah. still didn't work. I used my brain not the computer. it's all a no go. Tomorrow I will start researching programs other than the RN program. Maybe radiology. The kids are gone until tomorrow afternoon, so that I can go to my class that I didn't get. It's just not as enjoyable as if the kids were gone and I had something FUN to do. Of course, at this point I don't know if I'd recognize fun. Then again.. Last week I got to push a fully clothed almost 11 year old into a pool. That was fun - I've always wanted to do that!
I just read a friend's blog and he mentioned cleaning out his son's room while his son was away. I meant to do this with my boys' room, but maybe next week. Of course, this friend's son wasn't too happy about the whole thing. My boys probably wouldn't be either, but if I don't get this class, I will have nothing else to do than clean their room. Our new family motto is "less is more." Brandon somehow thought that translated into more toys for him. Can't WAIT for school to start!

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