Sunday, November 28, 2010

follow up

I forgot to mention that the plane rides yesterday were pretty uneventful. I planned ahead on the tiny plane - boarded last and sat in the back. Did pretty ok. The long leg of the trip - from Miami to SFO was mellow also. Brandon slept for almost 90 minutes, even though I kept checking him for pee the whole time. Stephen and Matthew were several rows ahead of us, but they did fine as well. Shout out to Jennifer for picking us up and bringing us home. A nice bottle of mango rum is waiting for her... Another shout out for Katja and her family for so graciously taking care of our cat. We couldn't have gone away for a week without knowing Wyatt would be taken care of.

I am waiting for the bug bites to stop itching. I put on some cortisone anti-itch cream last night like it was lotion. I need to find some of that Benadryl spray, but I keep hoping at some point the itching will stop.

We had a really great time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories. Thanks to Christopher for letting me pick on him in the blog - and for even being a good sport about it! My family is really special - even the members who didn't go with us. Love you all!

winding down

I am home now. Have been for almost 23 hours already. I miss the sunshine and warm weather. Our house was incredibly cold when we walked in last night. We were all passed out by 9pm, and naturally, the kids were full of energy today. My wonderful, wonderful husband took them to the zoo this afternoon so I could work on laundry and grocery shopping. It really stinks to be back. But, it is what it is, and now, it is 7pm and I'm making dinner while Stephen is bathing the boys. Well, I'm making dinner and playing on the internet at the same time. How quickly we fall back into our regular roles....

4 cousins, just before we left the house on the last day. I think they will be happy if they never see a camera pointed in their direction again.

Selene snorkeling one day.

The images belowe are from Lisa's camera. Not in any particular order.

The Scott Family, at what we named "Conch Beach"

Lisa and her 3 kids, atop the lighthouse. Note the firm grip on Matthew's arm. I did not go up the stairs to the top, so Steve took the kids up. Then we he got to the top, he wouldn't let Brandon out the little door. Thankfully. Lisa made sure she took good care of Maffew.

Mr & Mrs Scott.

Why yes, this was totally posed, but totally cute just the same.

Just us gals. Looks like I thought Caylynne would help hold me up, and she thought I was fine on my own!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to reality....

well the time has come to say good bye to the island life. It's hard for all of us to do. Especially since we've heard rumors of 35 degrees for us to return to. Yuck.
Spent the last couple of days on the beach. Steve and Alan even went snorkeling by walking out the beach. Saw 4 sting rays among other things.
No time for pictures today, sorry. It's 752 am Saturday now, and we have to be ready and on the porch at 9am to start our travel adventure. Or to end it, I guess.
thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre-turkey day

It had to happen eventually. Thankfully, Christopher took this one for the team.

This was the dog that befriended us at the beach today. I named him Buster. He was cute. Was very well trained, but not overly affectionate.

Matthew found a ball and some stick thingy to use as a bat. Not that the water wasn't fun. I think he is ready for baseball season.

One of my new favorite pictures. Ever.

ice cream fun. Then the crash. And how quickly he crashed.

1/2 the group went snorkeling with the pro's today. They saw baby turtles, dolphins, barracudas, and a few other things. The other 1/2 went to the beach and played. I don't have pics just yet of the snorkelers, but here are a few from the day just the same.

Weds morning

The only headline that matters to us from yesterday, is that Selene believes she was stung by a jelly fish. AND lived to tell about it. Ok, so really, she probably was. We all volunteered to pee on her, as we had been out on the boat for a few hours at this point, but she said no. I suggested that the sting had NO chance if we ALL peed on her, but still, no go.

2nd runner up on the headlines is Caylynne was so loved by the plant life in the ocean that it tried to keep her. It was long and kept brushing up against her and then eventually, tried to grab her. Screaming through her snorkel would have been funny had we known what the reason was for the screaming. Weren't sure if now she was seeing some yellow-eyed fish staring her down. She was a trooper though, and we all made it home alive.

Went out on the boat and did some snorkeling. Went through the lighthouse. Turns out my husband has a fear of heights. Realized it when I looked up from the ground and saw him on the lookout point, holding onto the wall behind him. Oh - saw Johnny Depp's private island. Ok, probably not. BUT he does own an island down here and we did try to beach on an island full of signs reading "PRIVATE ISLAND", with a couple of big security looking guys.

tuesday's pictures

end of the day shenanigans

Matthew attempting snorkeling. did ok, but the water is a little chilly for his no-fat body. He needs more practice work in the pool. Maybe today.

I almost had a stroke when 1st, I saw the price, and 2nd, realized it was in our checkout pile.

There are tiny little people we know and love at the top.

from my vantage point...

The view from our front door.

Monday, November 22, 2010

one pic

I did take one picture once I got the card back in... Here you go!


today today today was pretty great again as well. A few of us went into town to find another market for some staples, groceries, and ice cream of course. The nice thing about this market was that nothing was priced, and yet somehow, Vernon was still able to overcharge us for our tp and ground animal. I'd say ground beef, but honestly, there were no tags on the meat, not even the tags telling you what the meat is. No idea how much we paid for it, either. But we made burgers tonight, possibly perro, possibly gato. No questions asked.

Then we went out on the boat. We traveled through many different islands and stopped in the waters in a few places for snorkeling. Got a few shells, no pirate gold though. Then, at the last stop, well, let's just say Lisa found out something important about Christopher. He was in the water snorkeling, along with Stephen, when Selene joined him. Chris was trying to get Selene to go along with him to check out this starfish and other unknown cool fish. Then everything changed. Chris turned, let out a scream of sorts, and started paddling towards the boat. Hardcore. He was paddling so fast, he went right past Selene. Didn't really say what it was he saw, it was just obvious to everyone that he saw something BAD. And yes, Selene was still in the water. She made it to the front of the boat by the time Chris was in the boat, and Lisa tried pulling her in that way, but that wasn't going to work. We got her to the back of the boat safely, so she could climb the ladder in. Apparently, Chris made eye contact with some G I A N T fish's yellow eye, and then he lost the stare down. Lemme just say this - chris is typically a whitey, but this afternoon, he was almost translucent. Once everyone was back in the boat and safe from this G I A N T fish, Lisa let Chris know what a bad dad he was. Then we noticed IT. The stain on Chris' trunks. Somehow, unbeknownst to all of us, Chris turned into an ink spraying squid. There was a long black stain down the front of his shorts. No idea how it got there. Let's just leave it at he was scared and that's all. Chris claimed the fish was a wahoo. After looking thru some mug shot books of the local criminal fish, Chris identified his perp as a barracuda. He didn't really see the rest of the fish -just the yellow eye. And now, we have a new nickname for chris. Wahoo!

No pictures today. I left my memory card in the computer last night after downloading, so I blew it for today. I have pictures on my camera, but they are not on the card, so I have to have the cable to hook up to the computer to get them. Good luck finding that!

today might be Monday

We are officially on the bahamas clock now. No knowledge of time or day. Pretty awesome way to be, I must say. Yesterday was awesome. Started in the morning by checking out the downtown area. Hope Town. Unfortunately, most of it was closed because it was Sunday. Got to see a bunch of funny street signs, some really cool colored houses, and found one place open for lunch. Went to the local fresh fish shop (which I didn't take a picture of, but really should have) that ended up being a standup freezer, with a bunch of packaged fish. Not sure how the word 'fresh' made it to the sign, but we didn't feel like asking. Apparently, it was really good and definitely worth it. I say apparently because I didn't find it all that. But then, I don't eat lobster. We also found one beach that was full of conch shells. Learned the correct pronunciation is conK shells, not the other way.

Got back home, changed for the beach, and headed out to Tahiti Beach. Beautiful. I don't understand the whole sandbank thing where we could walk out several football fields in length and the water was no more than knee high, but why question it! The water wasn't San Fran cold, but not Maui hot either. It was great to walk around in. Saw actual starfish and sand dollars alive and well, and not in an aquarium. That was a new experience for sure!

Steve has gone for a run two mornings in a row. We all hate him. Today, we are getting a boat and checking out other islands. And going to the grocery store with the best baker in the islands! Lisa wants a pie. Maybe 2.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rock lobster... aka crawfish... aka dinner for tonight. For NOT me.

cousins at Tahiti beach

This was a super cool part of Tahiti beach - it was walkable for quite a distance!

no comment....
Clearly, not in Mexico. This was an $8 quesadilla at lunch today.

note the candy cane lighthouse... I took this picture because I rock!

note the closing time.....

no comment.

there is something in the water here that makes the lizards tails curl....

they are not afraid of color here

this is the view from the top of our house
Lisa getting attacked by the crazy ostrich plant

sorry about that!

you would think I'd understand how this blog thing works. I posted in the wrong order. You might want to read the original Bahamas post first.

more pictures

a sign on the island at the cemetary, oddly located right across from the liquor store.

apparently a good place to eat, though we will be avoiding Tuesdays at 4p.

Our current mode of transportation. Not bad unless you are on the back seat with an actual car coming down the hill at you.

Ferry ride to Elbow Cay

Our luggage tractor on Marsh Harbour


Matthew sleeping on the tiny plane.

At the Miami airport. Lisa cleaning Caylynne's contact, with Selene sleeping on her lap.

Selene, several hours earlier, at the San Fran airport.

Again, beginning of trip, SFO


we are here, right now it is 941am. We crashed by 815. And by we, I mean all ten of us. It was a rough trip in terms of flying overnight. I don't know how or why people choose to do red-eye flights. Got to the airport Friday night in time, then our plane was late. Mom & Alan's plane was delayed coming in, due to inclement weather. They made it in time, tho a little panicked. Then our plane was a little late leaving, which made Brandon even more tired. Finally got on board about 930 pm, and he was asleep by ten p. Of course, at 1a, he had his first experience peeing on a plane. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the bathroom. Overworked mommy didn't put him in a diaper so he was soaked, the left of my leg was wet, and his seat, well, let's just say ew. I fell asleep before this happened, thankfully, because once it happened, I was too embarassed to fall back asleep. No, I didn't pack a change of clothes in any of the carry ons. Was going to. But I didn't. He stunk, but survived. Tried to buy him an overpriced change of clothes in Miami, but he said no. Was fine with me - $25 for a CSI Miami tshirt was lame.

Sat in a freezing Miami airport for several hours. Selene was able to sleep in the airport. I dozed off in time for my phone to ring. Didn't feel it, even though it was in my pocket, but Selene, who was sleeping on me, did. Called Kuzzin Kim back and she couldn't get into the airport. I still feel badly that I didn't go through the security to see her. Oh - speaking of security - code orange nothing. My clean looking family went through the old school regular metal detectors. Lisa's family all had to do the naked scan, and then she, Selene, and Chris got personally groped. At least now, Chris doesn't have to pay for the colonoscopy later this year! (though we are all a little concerned about the polyp. When you are a man going through the SF airport, you don't necessarily want to request a man scanner.....)

Took the bus from the terminal to the plane. Honestly, I should have taken a picture of this plane because it reminded me of the submarine pictures. I walked up the stairs to board, Caylynne and Brandon in front of me, climbed into the plane, and stopped breathing. Honestly. I have not had a claustrophobic attack ever before, but I now know exactly how they feel. I bolted back out, climbing over the people behing me to do it. Once everyone was seated, and I was breathing normal again, I got back in and made it to Marsh Harbour. Then we met Big Sam who got all of our luggage from the luggage tractor, put us into vans and took us to the ferry station. Ferried over to Elbow Cay where we were met by golf carts and a pick up truck to bring us to the house. And here we are, all by 2pm Saturday afternoon.

I think it is Sunday now. Getting ready to eat bacon n eggs and get our day started. Enjoy the pics and we'll see you tomorrow!