Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weds morning

The only headline that matters to us from yesterday, is that Selene believes she was stung by a jelly fish. AND lived to tell about it. Ok, so really, she probably was. We all volunteered to pee on her, as we had been out on the boat for a few hours at this point, but she said no. I suggested that the sting had NO chance if we ALL peed on her, but still, no go.

2nd runner up on the headlines is Caylynne was so loved by the plant life in the ocean that it tried to keep her. It was long and kept brushing up against her and then eventually, tried to grab her. Screaming through her snorkel would have been funny had we known what the reason was for the screaming. Weren't sure if now she was seeing some yellow-eyed fish staring her down. She was a trooper though, and we all made it home alive.

Went out on the boat and did some snorkeling. Went through the lighthouse. Turns out my husband has a fear of heights. Realized it when I looked up from the ground and saw him on the lookout point, holding onto the wall behind him. Oh - saw Johnny Depp's private island. Ok, probably not. BUT he does own an island down here and we did try to beach on an island full of signs reading "PRIVATE ISLAND", with a couple of big security looking guys.

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