Monday, June 14, 2010

skin cancer free and loose pants

(That's me, trying to be optimistic. but that is where it ends) I had a skin cancer spot on my face removed last week. It has done nothing but stink for the entire past week. Oh, I'm going to complain and whine in this post, so you may want to skip it. I realized as I was hitting the highlights (lowlights?) for a friend of mine this morning, that I was on the verge of tears, so I decided I needed to get it all out. here goes...
Had a growth on the face that got biopsied and found out it was skin cancer and needed to be removed. Honestly, I grossly underestimated what that meant. I've had moles removed before, so figured no big deal. Well, the first 4 stitches start in my upper lip, then continue up to just below my nose. Still, I knew I would have stitches so I thought I was prepared. Stupidly, I said no thank you to the pain meds. Of course, I was still numb when I said that, but luckily found something they gave me after I birthed Brandon, so all was survivable. I couldn't eat. The stitches above my lip were heavily protected but I wasn't supposed to get them wet. Including my lip stitches. Obviously that was impossible, but didn't matter anyways, as even trying to use the right 1/2 of my face was awkward and painful. Had the surgery on Monday. Took off the 1/2" thick bandage on Weds and switched to a regular bandaid. I had bought clear bandaids because I decided that would be less obvious than an Iron Man bandaid in the middle of my face. Let me give you this advice - clear bandaids stick really, really well. Haven't used them since the first time. I found a stack of brown bandaids that I've been using since. Then by Thursday, both of my wrists hurt so bad, I was trying to figure out what i had done to them. The pain was shooting up to one elbow. I wrapped one with an ace bandage, and by the end of the day, my ankles were in pain also. As I limped to bed, I noticed a rash on my legs. Great. I'm having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Call the dr Friday morning, as I can barely walk now. They take me off the antibiotic, figuring it's been enough days and the wound looks healthy, so all is good, right? Wrong. I take some benadryl Friday morning to try to get over this reaction, which does what - oh yes, makes me sleepy. Took an hour nap while B watched a movie. I'm figuring that after a day, this will all have passed. I wake up Saturday morning and hobble to the bathroom. I now realize I have lost my ankles and have sausages for toes. Take two benadryls and lay on the couch, feet elevated, all day. All day, for reals. Still can't really eat, now I can't walk either. Did I mention it was beautiful weather? Sunday I put the stop on the benadryl. Would rather be a cripple than a sleepy cripple. Hobble slowly to the baseball game. Realize my fingers are so puffy I can't get my ring off. Wake up today able to walk. Still feel really weak, not eating and living will do that to you. Have a call in to the dr's office now for something to make me feel better. Stitches come out tomorrow. This has really been a much bigger adventure than I anticipated. Darnit.

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  1. That stinks!!! I am sorry you are having such a miserable time of it. Feel better!