Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday update

I gave in and went to see my dr yesterday. Sick of feeling crummy. She listened to me complain and then basically wanted me to wait it out another week. That didn't fly well. She talked about the fact that normally they would give me an anti-inflammatory drug, but because of my blood thinner, I can't take it. So the next thought was Vicodin. Oh wait, except that I have two kids who don't really want to hang out with their drugged out mommy. I asked the dr what next... she said steroids, but they have bad side effects. Like what? Increased appetite. (so...?) Hyper activity, too energetic. Are you for real, lady? Sign me up! I convinced her to give me the shot yesterday and then give me the pill prescription for the next few days. Woke up this morning and was definitely less sore. Though I had a headache that was bad, but I think that was because of my over salty bbq dinner last night. Took some excedrin, had a banana, and am getting about my day. I am hopeful about my day once again. My headache is gone, and I'm starving, and watching bobby Flay do a blueberry pancake throwdown. Yum!

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