Thursday, June 17, 2010

stitches out, still not better

It's Thursday. i'm going to see a dr at 1045 today. My legs and feet are still swollen, my hands go to sleep while I'm sleeping, which the tingling wakes me up. oh and the rash is back on my legs. Something is really not right. I'm supposed to be on summer vacation and haven't enjoyed it one bit yet. Today is Matthew's last day of school. Then tonight is the Cub Scout graduation. I'm living from two Tyelenol to the next. it's like chain smoking for pain killers. I tried to be happy and optimistic yesterday. Dressed up a bit to make myself feel better. I have stopped wearing the bandaid on my face, during the day, because it feels heavy and bulky - which doesn't make sense to anyone but me I am sure. Every day I wake up feeling hopeful that today will be the day the aches and pains are going away. Then in the shower I noticed the rash back. Not functioning well.

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