Sunday, August 1, 2010

new home page

I have decided to make the blog my home page. This way, when I starts the ole internets, the computer will remind me to write here. I know my fans have been bored without me.
We have made lemonade this weekend. Not real lemonade, mind you. But when life gives you lemons sort of lemonade. I was supposed to be at a mom's retreat in Vegas this weekend. Things got to crazy and reservations were postponed until September. We had originally picked this weekend for Vegas because there was nothing shcheduled for it. Then when Vegas moved, I kept the weekend open. It's a little strange, I must say. We did Selene's swim meet yesterday, home by 1pm, then a bunch of nothing. I took a nap, kids watched too much tv, went for a walk, washed the car, mowed the lawn, that type of stuff. Today we might go mini-golfing then have a relaxing afternoon. I might apply for a part-time job at the Y. Oops, breakfast is ready, gotta go.

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