Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thursday

Matthew is having a friend sleepover tonight. I fear I wont sleep much, but that is for a totally different reason than the previous sleep over.
Took Matthew to his first official ortho appt today. Full, panoramic x-rays, and then those gag-worthy molds. If you've suffered thru braces, you know what I mean when I say gag-worthy. It didn't really seem like that part had changed much in the 25 years since i had mine done. It's weird really, how somethings change over time by leaps and bounds, and some hardly at all. Anyhow, I realized today that the initial car payment we are paying is really only a DOWN payment. It only covers Phase I. Braces are included in Phase II. This is the new ortho lingo. Both ortho's we consulted used the Phase terminology. Oh and did I mention that our ortho coverage is $1500, lifetime. So phase II will be all us. Maybe I should reconsider the trip to Vegas - momma needs a new pair of shoes AND a full set of braces for the boy.

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