Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday nite

I am still awake. It's almost 11pm. This is like the time vampires wander aimlessly in the world. Or the gangsta's come out in the 'hood. It was national night out tonight, and Oakland is probably the only city who participates. I'd be interested in hearing if you have heard of it. It's supposed to be a 'safe" time to go out at night, meet with the neighbors, and enjoy your 'hood. Again, it's probably just a local thing but they call it 'national night out' to make us feel like it's not just us who lives in the ghetto.
I should really post some summertime photos. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never. We went mini golfing on Sunday - not that far from home. Was fun! Monday was a regular day. Yesterday took the kids to a water park. Fun too. Without having Selene here and the need for going to swim everyday, it has almost been relaxing. Almost. Matthew started swim today at 10am, and then we went to Concord to visit with some great friends who we never see anymore. Tomorrow is free day at a kid museum 45 mins from here. Not totally excited about doing it - only because I was dumb enough to schedule things before and after the outing. This means I need to carry some caffeine with me. But I really like the place AND I really like the people we are meeting up with there. If they weren't going, I would have blown it off long ago.
By the way, well, I'm not going to get into it now. it's too far down in the paragraph. I doubt my cousin Mike reads the whole post and the new post was going to be about him. So I will try to remember to do it tomorrow night. Or maybe not.

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