Monday, March 22, 2010

spring is here!

Let's see... I made Matthew try on all his shorts today. Only two were too small - of course, they were a size 6. So he should be set for summer gear. Two pair of swim trunks, and fortunately, Oakland in the summer is cold, and Maui is going to have to wait several more years, so two pair should work out just fine.
Got a phone call from the pediatrician today. We had matthew allergy tested last week - mostly because of all the sneezing - not because of hives or anything. Her message was hard to understand, but I'm pretty sure she said something about him being allergic to eggs and peanuts. Hmm. I might have to call back on this one. Those are two of his favorite foods. I might be starting to doubt this crazy thing called medical "science".
I picked up a used 4 drawer file cabinet today. Let me just say, I felt like a total wimp. The lady I bought it from was at least in her early 50's, and she was WAY stronger than me. She was up 3 flights of stairs and was gracious enough to stop for me at each landing so I could rest my girl arms. I got in the car totally embarassed.
this week is minimum day week at the elementary school. Who hates parents so much to do something like that? 125 every day. That's not enough time for learning. This state is messed up.
Brandon has recently shot up like a weed. Or rather, his hair is filling back in, and he looks much taller. He's been cracking me up a lot lately. The things he says, I think he's going to entertain his kindergarten teacher this fall.
I have recently decided that we are going to start going organic for chicken. Which then also means eggs, which is unfortunate because we eat a lot of eggs. I might go non organic for Easter. anyhow, I don't normally buy organic meats - haven't caught up with the hype and the price. But then a couple of weeks ago, my microbiology teacher told us WHY you should go organic. The animals (not just chickens, of course) are fed antibiotics so they do not get sick, thus more profit for them. Downfall is that we ingest these antibiotics and if we ingest enough, we can build up a resistance to these antibiotics. The main antibiotic that chickens are given is an antibiotic that humans are given to cure some specific disease. No, I can't remember which one, so don't ask. Now if we are immune to these antibiotics, it means the disease gets to have a party in my body. No thank you. I will start with chicken and eggs, and see how badly it affects my budget. then we'll go from there.
Happy spring everyone!

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  1. I don't know how close you are to a Costco, but we get organic chickens and eggs at our Costco for decent prices. Milk, too.