Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this is a test...

To see if anyone is reading. I can't believe I haven't rambled on and on for the past six weeks, but we've been busy here. My school, buying the house, trip to Disneyland, basketball, etc etc etc. Anyhow, I found out yesterday I got accepted at Sacramento State College. Not the nursing school, just the university. Here is what I don't get - they notified applicants March 1, online, to let us know whether or not we got in. So great. yay! Except that the nursing school application deadline was March 1. You couldn't apply before you got in. I missed the non existant bulletin where I had to have everything ready in ONE day. I went to the campus last fall to try to find out info about the nursing program. They wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't a student. (Should have turned on a lightbulb there, but no). Literally. The rude woman behind the desk just kept repeating that I needed to apply for the main school first. She wouldn't even give me deadlines or dates or anything. Very rude. So now the trouble is this, among other things, that say I go to Sac State to finish my last few classes for my bachelor's degree, then apply to their nursing school. I might not get into their nursing school. So then what? We would have moved to Elk Grove, Steve would have compromised his income significantly, if not completely, then I have no outlook for the future. UGH. I thought I would be more excited about getting accepted. Nope.

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