Monday, January 11, 2010

It's all soooo exhausting

left at 830 this morning, got back at 445pm. Didn't eat breakfast or have any morning caffeine. Dumb, I know. DIdn't realize it until maybe 1pm when I was having problems walking up the stairs. What did we do today? House hunt. I can't remember if we went through 11 or 12 or 13. One wouldn't let us in (offer pending) one got added at the last minute, one had a patio for a backyard so we didn't go in, and so on. Got to our first house at 1015am, finished up just a little over 3 hours later. By the time we got to lunch and had it in front of me with the cherry coke, I was a wreck. Head felt like it had a giant hammer stuck in it, and I thought I was going to vomit in the restaurant bathroom. My lovely husband went to the grocery store next door and bought me some tylenol, then while he finished his food, I went to the car to lay down. Two errands later, we were at the hospital, but it was OK because we just went to check out where Lisa works. I was feeling better after the tour and even better at 5pm when I got to lay down for a nap, and bestest of all at 530 when the kids woke me from my nap.
We saw several great houses today, and got turned down from our last offer - by another ALL cash offer. I thought it was a recession, but apparently not for some. We are feeling optimistic though, because really, we saw several great houses today. Means we will offer on two, maybe three, tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed... This is really getting old and tiring already!

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