Sunday, January 3, 2010

end of December

I realized yesterday why I'm so tired. Here's a way too detailed list of our last 1/2 of december:
12/17 - My last final, I finished at 930pm
12/18 - Friday - dinner in Novato, with Santa
12/19 - I worked, then had friends over for dinner
12/20 - to Elk grove to look at 12 houses
12/21 - to Soledad (2 hrs south) to drop off kids with mom, then shopping in Gilroy on the way back
12/22 - to Concord to babysit 1/2 day or less, then late night shopping
12/23 - packing and wrapping and cleaning and baking
12/24 - hit the road to Santa Maria, plus stopping in Gilroy along the way for last min gifts
12/25 - not enough napping involved
12/26 - day after Cmas shopping and napping
12/27 - left SM to sit in car for 3 hours to arrive in Monterey
12/28 - monterey aquarium, dennis the menace park
12/29 - leave monterey, stop at aquarium, then moss landing for beach play, then gilroy for return of said gifts, then home
12/30 - Pump it up in the am for the kids, dentist in the PM for brandon
12/31 - house cleaning, dinner at a friend's
1/1 - early morning trip to Elk grove to look at 4 houses, eat lunch with sis/fam, then back home
1/2 - early morning trip for christmas in Modesto. Home at 830pm
1/3 - kids let us sleep in til 9am! then I worked this afternoon, and now, am waiting for the dinner fairies to make me dinner.
Here's to no road trips for a few days.

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