Monday, September 26, 2011

done with September already

woke up this morning cranky. I think I need to start my day with a workout. It usually tends to make my day go better. Kids were fighting something awful over breakfast. We got to school early because I was done having the kids at home. Went to my school and then picked up the kids after school. They were better, which was nice. Then I was checking Facebook this afternoon and saw my old college roommate had changed his status from married to complicated. Started texting a conversation with him and found out his wife cheated on him with a mutual friend. Now I'm just sad. This guy is really a great guy and it's just depressing that this can happen. They've been married since '96. He lives in San Diego so I don't really see him that often - maybe once every couple of years or so. He's a vet, and again - a really great guy, so he is always pleasant and helpful and lets me ask him my cat questions all the time. And now he's out a wife and a friend and his in laws. I am not sure why it's bumming me out so much, but it really is. Sometimes we just forget how lucky we are.

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