Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day One

We didn’t go to sleep until after 3am, so we snoozed it until 10a or so. Finally got showered and cleaned up to start our day and made it to brunch’ish. While we were standing in line at the restaurant, I noticed the guy in front of us in line was MATT DILLON. I then tried to whisper that fact to Lisa who is apparently hard of hearing. WHO?? >Matt Dillon< WHO?? >Matt Dillon< THAT’S NOT MATT DAMON. It was like talking to Grandma. I wrote it down and showed her the paper, and then she recognized the name but couldn’t remember who he was. Has been? Sat RIGHT next to him. Kathy’s butt was a mere 6” from his. And this was in the hotel restaurant, so figured we will see him again. Oh, and he was reading a script and we could hear him talking and it definitely was him.
After this excitement passed, we drove in to San Juan. There is a ‘fortification’ there – an ancient structure built in the 1600’s – well that was about when it started. Took 150 years to build. Was to protect the island from invaders. Then toured around Old Town San Juan for a little bit. Will definitely go there again, but we were parked at the fortification lot and they closed at 6p, so I was getting nervous about getting out of there. Came back to the hotel and can you believe it – we saw Matt Dillon AGAIN. We met at the concierge desk and then Maro snapped his photo while he walked away. Then I asked the concierge guy where he sent him and it was somewhere we weren’t going. We decided at this point, he is recognizing US. The 3 restaurants at our resort were at least a 90 min wait at this point, so we went to the bar and got some bar food and drinks. Will plan better for dinner Thursday.
We scheduled our rain forest trip for Friday and our bioluminescent kayak night trip for Monday. Thursday is beach day then Old Town again.


It does look windy, but honestly, we were grateful for it.

Maro with Juan. Apparently Maro's husband Eric was concerned about her going to Puerto Rico and picking up some guy named Juan. He was our waiter at breakfast. And don't tell Eric, but super sweet. =)

Matt D and his too young girlfriend walking away. Lisa wouldn't let me interrupt his meal, but next time, I'm going to.

This is how close we were sitting to Matt Dillon and his snooty unfriendly looking girlfriend. That's him in the hat.

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