Monday, September 28, 2009

dark ash brown

Dyed my hair today. Only, I left it on a little long because I got sucked into the season premiere of Grey's Anat that I was watching on tape. yes, on tape. So now the hair is a little darker than I anticipated. Ah well, it will fade over time.
Got a couple of quizzes back from my O-chem class and got 10/10 on one and 13/10 on the other. That made me happy. Might help the whole "I need a 3.8 gpa to get into the sac state nursing program" problem, but probably not.
On the plus side, I am bbq'ing a trip tip for dinner this afternoon. Don't know what the sides will be, but maybe just a big slab o'beef for dinner. Sounds good to me!

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