Friday, September 25, 2009


So nervous. My first ever blog post. thanks for reading. Thanks for your patience in watching me learn how to do it. How I send this out, I'm not really sure but if someone other than me is reading it, I guess I was successful.
I jammed my pinky yesterday, wrestling with Brandon. We weren't really even wrestling. I was trying to grab his foot and make him fall (not as bad as it sounds, honestly) and I timed it poorly and he kicked me with his shoe. My pinky is all swollen and it hurts. And now it's changing colors, into the palm of my hand even. I really would like to crawl back into bed. It's foggy and cold and damp and I'm cranky because my hand hurts. But alas, we have swim in a few mins so I must carry on.


  1. I'm sure my boss would like to know I'm reading you at work. Anyway, one thing you can do to let people know about the blog is to put the URL in the "Write something about yourself" section of your FB profile, which is a little more visible than the Website section.

  2. I wasn't sure I was ready to GO yet, Zahid. and yes, the naming contest lasted about 30 seconds while I was staring at the screen that read "name your blog". I am low on patience today, so no Dweeb-a-blog.