Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Updates

We went camping this weekend. well, actually, yesterday. I don't think we were even gone for 24 hours, but trust me, we were able to get the full experience. Where did we camp, you ask? Oh, Oakland. Up above the hills in the forest type area. It was really great - and hot! It was a cub scout event, and we were home by 11am today. Bad part was that i had bought a new air mattress and failed to try it out at home with our pump, before we left. The pump didn't line up 100% so the mattress was about 1/2 full as the pump died. yes, I also failed to fully charge the pump before we left. See, it was only camping in Oakland, so clearly I didn't do a TON of prep work. anyhow, as Steve and I climbed onto the air mattress last night, the foot end lifted up and reminded me of those Craftmatic adjustable bed commercials from the 80's. Our feet were probably a good 3' off the ground. So we slept feet to head which help keep the mattress flat most of the time. I really don't know why the waterbed was so popular - I am actually more tired today than I would have thought possible. Definitely more than my regular weekday tired. but it was fun, the kids got super dirty even just for one day. We got home in time for the Rockridge street fair, which was fun - and yummy too. There was a new local company sampling linguica, so naturally, we are now adding linguica to the dinner plans. Up and coming for the week - hmm.. quiz on the heart on thursday, quiz on something else on Wednesday, my niece's birthday on Monday which I don't have time to send anything to Hawaii for, watching Jen's kids each day, and I think the weather is supposed to turn cool and yucky and overcast again. This recent heat wave has been awesome, I'm sorry to say. Have a lovely week, though I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon.

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