Thursday, June 7, 2012

did you see that?

a piece of debris from the tsunami in Japan has drifted ashore in Oregon. it was a DOCK. It's HUGE for what I would call 'debris'. I just find it amazing that it was still whole. Japan to Oregon is no small path. I would assume the water was fairly active and treacherous and yet, the entire dock made it to Oregon. cuh-razy.

Am playing racquetball this morning. First time in 20+ years. I used to be decent in high school. Just hoping to not be injured until the soreness hits tomorrow. Should be fun and I am looking forward to it.

realized my baby steps yesterday were actual steps. I parked farther away from the entrances of where I went for the past two days. 10,000 steps are quite a few and not all that easy to achieve, unless you make an effort to achieve them. Making an effort isn't always the easiest or funnest, i Have to say. 

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