Tuesday, June 12, 2012

still taking baby steps

I am on a two week trial (free) membership to the Oakland YMCA. Even picked up a racquetball racquet at the thrift store today. Just need some goggles to play safe - I think I will buy those new. But I don't know how much they cost, so we'll see. I might just actually join the Y. It's not that expensive if I just do an individual membership - I might ask about reduced rates for family memberships. We'll see. Not sure how often I'd be taking the 3 boys anyway.
At this very moment, I'm trying to set up the ipod with my songs. I am creating a 'library' with Windows Media Player and then I hope to sync them with the pod. However.. the media player doesn't seem to recognize the pod, so I might just be setting up this library for nothing. How any songs got on this little machine in the first place is totally beyond me. Steve did it, amazingly enough. But he used the computer that crashes all the time and I didn't want to use that one. I figure if he can do it, so can i! I just don't know if I will have it done by the time I want to run with it in the morning. I know Caylynne told me to use itunes, but that was more than my old lady brain could handle.
Salt. Salt is my demon of choice lately. I've been eating ever-so-slightly better in terms of not so many cookies, desserts, etc, but man, I have been sucking down the salt. There is always room for improvement, always more jobs to tackle.
Steve is at band practice tonight. He was there on Sunday and will be there on Friday and father's day evening. I guess they (the band) are performing at an open microphone night at some bar somewhere far from here on Monday night. They are playing two 'cover' songs - a Nirvana song, which I'm so darned tired of hearing. I hate the song. Hated it for years. Yay - he gets to learn it and practice it over and over and over again. The other is a song I don't remember. Sorry. Has recently been on the radio, but I couldn't tell you what it is. oh and yes, he IS still playing frisbee. How does he make the time? Well clearly, he has a very loving and patient wife.

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