Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the titles are the hardest to write

by the way, the post just before this one - the video of the rain, that was in Puerto Rico. For some reason it was saved in my drafts to post but apparently I never did. Or maybe I did and forgot - I honestly didn't go back to look and see if it was already posted.
so this lifestyle change... it's all about the little things. I'm trying to pick stuff up off the stairs when I go upstairs. This will keep the stairs less cluttered. It's all about less clutter. I took this alternative healing class over a year ago and the thing that sticks with me is that clutter affects everything. External clutter around you causes clutter in your mind. Mental clutter / overload causes clutter in the house. It's all very cyclical and true! So I've removed maybe 1/4 of my picture frames and put them in a box under the bed. Still cluttered but less so. Baby steps. Little things I said before. I'm also trying to keep the dining room table a place where we can actually eat. I say that now and look over the top of the laptop and see a messy table. That's ok, it wont take long and I'm motivated to do it. Little things... giving up soda wasn't that big of a thing. Adding fruit and veggies while taking away cookies and cakes will be a big thing but I can do it in small fashion. For a snack at the baseball game last night I took carrot sticks and ranch. Figured if I was hungry enough I would eat them. Guess what - wasn't that hungry! But on the flip side, means I didn't eat anything so that's good.
I've also started swapping out 1 side of mayo on my sandwich for avocado. This is very new for me. It's only been a few months (march, 2012) that I've been eating avocado, so it's great that it replaces some of the mayo. And I figured out that if I come home right after dropping off the kids that I wont run. BUT If I leave straight from school - we walk anyway - that I'm way more likely to go. Take this morning for example. Dressed for exercise, but instead I sit here typing. Ah well, it's not a perfect system
Decided I didn't have the time with all the things I need to do today. Bank then Costco then asian market, then the hard part - I need to figure out how to work the ipod. It's Steve's so it's full of his lame music. I want to use it for running but it's really hard to run to Queen. So I need to figure out how to d/load music to the laptop from my cds, put them in a folder (i guess) and somehow get them into one spot on the ipod. I notice the ipod is sectioned by albums, but my music I will want to put in one section even tho it will come from different albums. May need to call in a teenager or college student for help. 
Took frosted twinkies on a stick to Matthew's school yesterday. Kids, and even some adults, went crazy for them. I didn't try one - see, baby steps! 
Enjoy your day!

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