Thursday, October 29, 2009

the day formerly known as "Wednesday"

We should have all stayed in bed yesterday. Period. The day would have been better, I am quite sure. It started at 605am when my alarm went off. I noticed Steve was already up and in the bathroom, so I didn't get up right away. Got up, got the kids up and going. Steve was downstairs hustling around, so I just assumed he was getting breakfast ready for the kids. OOPS. don't assume, Heather. We get downstairs at about 715, I leave at 730. steve was cleaning up the kitchen from the night before, not doing breakfast. Ok. I get the kids situated with breakfast, get their lunches ready - set them by the door, and head out at 737. 7 minutes late, but still make it to class on time. Cell phone vibrates during class around 9am. Check the VM around 905. It's the preschool saying Brandon doesn't have a lunch and would I bring it by before 1130? Take my quiz, then call Steve to find out if he left the lunch at home or if he took it all the way to work. No, it's at home. and by the way, the director of the preschool mentioned this morning that one of the children have H1N1. School is not closing, but it's there. Now, it's 930am and I'm getting all of this info. I still have 75 minutes of school left. Finish my chem lab, stop by the house, pick up Brandon's lunch, take it to school, get home, shower, and check the pediatrician's website for H1 vaccine info. Amazingly, they have "limited amounts" of the vaccine and will be offering a drop in clinic from 2p-4p that very day! Ok, I'm board so far. Leave at 1220 to pick up Brandon, then drove to another preschool to pick up Charlie. Get home. Start a movie, then leave at 120 to pick up Matthew and Maggie. Get home. Matthew's complaining BIG time that he's starving and i didn't give him enough for lunch. Tough. Send everyone to the bathroom while I pack up snacks for the dr's office. Head to the dr's office, get off the elevator at the 3rd floor to a sea of people. Ask about the location of the end of the line and someone told me it was down the stair well. Someone else tells me that they only have 60 doses of the vaccine anyhow. Ok. Go look for the end of the line down the stairs. At the bottom of the 3 flights of stairs is the end of the line. Give up entirely and play at the park across the street. Play for an hour or so, come back home. I'm realizing we had a revolving door on the house yesterday. It's about 315, we are home, I need to eat, kids need to eat, do homework, etc. I make some bean n cheese burritos for the kids (except Charlie), get some food for me. At 345, Hannah and Alex show up for their hour here. 430, start packing up food & water because matthew has soccer practice at 5. Hannah and Alex get picked up at 5, we pull out of the driveway right after them. Bay Bridge is closed so traffic was super light. Get to practice, let Maggie, Charlie, and Brandon run around while Matthew is playing soccer. 3 kids eat everything I brought. leave practice, drop off Charlie and Maggie, get home. 638pm. Make the boys dinner, get them showered, and we all fall into my bed at 725. Steve was enjoying a lovely night of frisbee somewhere else. By about 815 I'd guess, we were all asleep. Phew. Hoping for a better day today.

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