Thursday, October 1, 2009

ode to Ed

In my first attempt at college, one of my housemates would occassionally make a heart attack sandwich. I just about replicated it today: toasted whole wheat english muffin (he used regular bread), mayo, slice of tillamook sharp cheddar, heated up some linguica slices and put that on the cheese, then fried an egg in the linguica fat, and put that into the sandwich last. OMG. My dietary habits are so bad.
Matthew and Maggie decorated Halloween tshirts yesterday. Though what started out as a ghost and a monster ended up with rainbows and sprinkles and polka dots. Not scary, but that will come with age, I suppose.
October first is here and it's put me in a quandry. A panic, if you will. Oct 1 is the start of the application season for many of the nursing schools. It's already 11am and I haven't applied anywhere yet. I'm feeling way behind, but I'm also scared of the whole thing too. What happens if I don't get accepted anywhere? What happens if I do?
On a positive note, both of my Christmas cactus' are starting to bloom. YAY.
And folks, there's a lot of sadness going on these days. Hug your loved ones and let them know they're loved. It's so easy to forget all of what and who we are greatful for when we get lost in the pressures and chores of our day. Which reminds me - Happy 9th anniv to Matt and Jen.
The weekend is approaching everyone. Love and happiness to all.
Man, that is SO not how I thought I would end today's post.

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