Monday, October 19, 2009

schedule, what schedule?

You know how when you wake up, you have a general idea of how your day will go? School, studying, library, home, meals, laundry, etc, whatever. Then life happens and laughs out loud in your face at why you even bothered to make a mental plan.
I started the day knowing I needed to get home right after class this morning because Steve was home with a sick Matthew, and needed to get to work. In between my two classes, I call the dr and get an 1115appt to have my finger looked at. Get out of class early, smooth, get home much earlier than anticipated, Steve gets to work, Matthew and I leave for the dr. Still gravy smooth. (for those of you who like "bits" in your gravy, you'll get your wish, also). From the dr, we travel to the xray lab. Where we sit and wait and sit and wait and wait and sit some more. Over an hour later, we were home. Phone rings, answer it, chatting, door bell rings, it's a contractor. Hang up the phone (which I just now remember I need to call her back still), walk around the house with a contractor, he leaves. I remember to return a call from earlier this morning about babysitting this afternoon. As I'm talking with this dad, saying yes, I can babysit your son today, my cell phone rings. Thinking it's the dr's office (way too soon, I now realize), I hang up the phone with a promise to call back and pick up the cell. Right, it's the preschool asking me to come and pick up Brandon. Hang up that phone, call the dad back suggesting I not watch his son this afternoon, go and pick up Brandon. As of 145pm, this was my day. Poor Steve took his sandwich bread for lunch, but left the tri tip at home. It's just one of those days today. stay tuned for future pinky posts.

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