Saturday, October 3, 2009

so much for a well oiled machine

Where to start today. Flash backward to Thursday evening. Matthew, Charlie, and Brandon are all jumping in the trampoline. Steve comes home and I leave to go to school. I call at my 8pm break (clearly a mistake that will not happen again) and find out Matthew hurt his ankle shortly after I left. No biggie, he's a kid, that's what happens. Then at 10p, I'm home and going to bed. Steve checks on Matthew's ankle and I hear "Uh, Heather, you should look at this". Yea, he's got a baseball where his ankle used to be. Zoom to Friday 9am: call the dr's office, get a 950 appt and get ready to head out. I did a lot of piggy backing Matthew while holding Brandon's hand on Friday. I was on the heating pad off and on throughout the afternoon. That kid is big. Anyhow, went from dr to xray lab - different location. Nothing broken, fortunately. From xray lab to Longs to pick up some Motrin, (and a pepsi for mom), then a drive through Wendys for a special treat for the boys - which worked well for me, meaning I didn't have to make them lunch, then home. I found a nice parent in the neighborhood who had crutches for us to borrow, but I didn't have the energy to piggy back Matthew to the neighbor's house to get them. Waited for Steve to get home, then I walked over. He's hobbling around ok today. It'll be 1-2 weeks to heal, but he will definitely be back in school Monday. Yesterday was totally exhausting. I'm happy for the weekend.

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