Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the sickness needs to go away

Another day, another list of unfinished things to do. Matthew stayed home today, Brandon was supposed to go to a play date, but since he was still coughing, I kept him home too. Let me just say that both boys home for several days, at the same time, well, it's just not a good idea. Then today's thing to do on MY list was take the car to the shop. So we did that anyway. Then during the 2.5 hours the car was in the shop and we were wandering around Lafayette, the kids were bored. We did spend 1.5 hours in the cleanest Jack in the Box I've ever seen. Get back to the repair shop only to have the mechanic tell me he would drive me to the nearest BART station, but he wouldn't let me take the car home. "It's not safe to drive" he said. Fine. Get that little snafu wrapped up, get home for the cost of a hopefully yummy burrito. (cabs are cheap around here). Then it's off to my hematologist, who annoys me. My appt was for 215, I was there by 2 because I only go once/year and they always have to update my records. Get seated in the room by 220 and am told that the dr just called and should really be in (to the office itself) by 230. Yay me. Finally shows up at 245, which I'm kind of expecting because he's never been even close to on time. Rush out of there - kids in tow - to stop at the gas station, then get home, cleaned up, head out (with Steve) to Novato for Steve's bday dinner. Home at 8pm'ish. Should be making lunches, doing homework, picking out clothes for tomorrow, etc. But the Italian Job is on and it's distracting me. I love this movie, so sue me.
Tomorrow is a quiz, homework due, must get to Lafayette for the car, childcare in the afternoon, soccer practice at 5. It was so busy today I forgot to feed the kids lunch. How bad is that? What ever should I make for dinner tomorrow?

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