Monday, October 12, 2009

Slowing down

My sister (ER Nurse) made me splint my pinky because it's been swollen for several weeks now. says its not healing properly because I keep using it. I made my own splint today - remember those old school ice cream cups? You know, the ones that came with their own flat wooden spoons? yep, I found two of those spoons in a drawer and taped them around my finger this afternoon. Oh yea, this was after I slammed the drawer open (open, seriously. Didn;t know you could do that, but you can) and smashed the light bulb which was inside the drawer. This led to an impromptu cleaning of the drawer, which surpringly didn't lead to my getting cut.
Being dumb and avoiding studying again. Worked hard on chemistry until about 1130 this morn, then chatted with my niece, went to the grocery store, and then caught up on grey's anat and desp. housewives. It's all gonna be ok though because I say so. Went to mom's this weekend for my little sister's engagement party. Took warm clothes because it was supposed to be 80. I don;t think it got past 65. Thankfully they have a macys and I have a credit card! Did you know when you are getting your blood pressure taken, the nurse is listening for the start of blood flowing back into your arm? They cut off the circulation with the pressure, then ever so slightly lessen the pressure so blood can start coming through again. It makes a sound - how cool is that? Or did you all already know that?
Oh yea, I'm slowing down on my posts because well, I just can keep up to be honest. Still have all the random thoughts flowing through my head, just can't always sit down to type them out. Like parking stalkers - have I complained about them yet? Last week, I started walking zig zag to my car (at school) just to screw with the stalkers. is that wrong?


  1. Parking stalkers, heh. I do the same thing! Or i will walk real slow so they pass me by before I get to my car!

  2. I actually had one offer to drive me to my car, a week or so ago. No. Get up and take an 8am class, then u can get a spot