Tuesday, October 27, 2009

focus heather, focus

It's Tuesday today. All day, as some will say. (those some are lame, I must add). We still have some sort of sickness hanging in the house. I woke up with a stuffy head today and I still hear Brandon and Matthew coughing. Steve seems to be oblivious to all of it. Catching it, hearing it, helping out with it. By helping out with it, I mean Steve's just not willing to be at work all day then come home and make dinner and do laundry and put the kids to bed all by himself, while I lay in a lump on our bed. Yea, I ask a lot. But if you ask for a lot and only get a little, that's still better than asking for nothing and getting it. Right?
Halloween's coming. Finally (two days ago) got Matthew a costume. Some golden dragon ninja knight thing. I don't really know, but he liked it, and more importantly, it fit. Brandon is going to be a red Power Ranger - without a weapon. Trust me, he's not happy about not that part. No Power ranger sword or gun thing. I keep telling him that if he's holding a weapon, he wont be able to hold the candy bag. Not that I'm against arming my children, mind you. I just think we have enough weaponry already. Do I really need something else to get beaten by? The answer here is no. Clearly. I haven't decided if I'm dressing up or not yet. Last year I was feeling it a lot more than this year. So probably not. I never found the beautiful golden wig I wanted for the angel costume (my true self), so I scrapped the whole idea. BAH humbug, I say.
On the plus side, I found out I currently have a 93% in my chemistry class. Yay! Of course, it doesn't count for anything - it's just a pre-req for microbiology in the spring. But still, it's nice to see. And if I don't leave now and start studying for my bio exam tonight then I wont be seeing that B I want.

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