Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday monday

Just found out today was school picture day. A little frustrated with that news. The payment envelope came home on Friday, but since we were at the dr's on friday, we didn't get the note. Jennifer said I should have known from some other source, but I didn't. So now, I'm taking a button front shirt to the school after their lunch hour to see if I can get a decent picture of matthew. I usually don't buy the school pictures because they are so bad, BUT negligent mommy failed to get matthew's annual picture taken on his birthday this summer. This mommy stuff is very cumbersome.
Matthew is doing much better today. Went to school without the crutches.
Brandon got a poor haircut yesterday. I mean poor by about all standards. Steve almost took him back to Supercuts to have them fix it. I ever-so-slightly fixed it enough to make it look better, but I'm hoping he doesn't have picture day anytime soon. Hopefully I wont know about that one either, so I wont need to stress about it in the meantime.
My school gets more difficult by the day. Steve's company merged with another, a process he's quite used to by now, but there are no job worries there. Which is too bad, really. He'd really LOVE to be laid off, with some sort of package, of course. I would be fine with that also. Would be nice to have an extra set of hands around this house.

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